Non-Emergency Medical Transportation throughout Northeast OH

Our Service


Unlike curb-to-curb services, UTS provides door-through-door service.  Whether you require ambulatory assistance or a wheelchair, our highly trained staff is prepared to accommodate your needs from within your place of residence and safely escort and secure you in our vehicles. Upon arrival, our trained staff will escort you to check-in at your destination.

Our Destinations


We specialize in a host of local and long-distance transportation throughout Ohio and beyond.  Our services include doctor and post-op appointments, hospital discharges, physical therapy, chemotherapy, dialysis, pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation, stroke and rehabilitative services, family functions and personal errands, and more.



Standard pick-up fees, ambulatory or wheelchair, plus mileage apply for each transport. UTS accepts multiple methods of payment to include all major credit cards, check, or cash. Discounts are available for those paying at the time of transport. Only approved clients with a Uplifting Transport Service Agreement will be invoiced for transportation services.

Our Staff


Our people are our greatest assets.  For this reason, finding, training, and retaining the best employees is critical to accomplishing our mission.  Employees are subject to rigorous screening and training which include background checks, drug testing, motor vehicle reports, health physical, CPR training, and extensive internal training regarding job-specific tasks and obligations.

Our Vehicles


Our ADA-compliant vehicles are equipped with electric ramps, hydraulic lifts, side or rear entrance, with state of the art securing devices for your safety and comfort. Our ambulatory vehicles are safe, comfortable and compliant with federal and state mandated safety standards.



All UTS vehicles and employees are properly trained, insured and compliant with all state and federal required mandates which include auto, worker’s compensation, and general liability.

Personnel Training & Development

Understanding that our staff is our single greatest asset, UTS is dedicated to effective recruitment, retention, training, development, and promotion of competent, reliable, and professional personnel.  

Our driver evaluation and training programs are compliant with all laws and standards required by Wisconsin and are designed to ensure safety, competence and reliability. Each applicant is required to pass a physical, random drug and alcohol screening, and a background check. 

Upon hiring, all drivers are subject to driver-in-training instruction to be conducted by senior drivers and overseen by senior management. The duration of such instruction will last between several weeks to months depending on a driver’s level of experience and their learning abilities. 

With safety being the focal point of our training program, all drivers are required to perform a behind-the-wheel road test. Drivers are evaluated on judgment of vision, memory, reaction time, physical function, and cognition.  In addition to effective vehicle operation, drivers receive an abundance of equipment training to include proper use of wheelchairs, stretchers, hydraulic lifts, and securing devices. Drivers are trained on how to properly load, secure, and unload ambulatory and wheelchair-bound patients. 

Beyond the physical aspects of their job-related tasks, drivers are instructed on proper interpersonal skills to include effectively interacting and accommodating the needs of our aging clientele. Underscored by the need for privacy and confidentiality, drivers are educated on all HIPAA rules and regulations in addition to facility-specific policies and procedures. Various annual and semi-annual re-certifications are required for all drivers in addition to random drug and alcohol testing.